How can you be an ERA Advocate?

Are you ready to help get the ERA ratified? Here’s just a few things you can do to help:

  • Check out the links available on this page, and share via social media.

  • Download any part of the ERA Toolkit for FREE on this website and share with your friends and family.

  • Share the ERA Toolkit social media materials by posting in your social media streams.

  • Download a slideshow and make a presentation at your local library or other presentation opportunities.

  • Purchase the “Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished Business for the Constitution” video (DVD or digital download) and watch with friends. Watch the trailer here.

  • Read books about the Equal Rights Amendment with your book club.

  • Visit to learn more about Alice Paul, the author of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Want to Learn More About the ERA?

Check out these great resources to learn more about the Equal Rights Amendment and the wide range of groups that support ratification. Below you will find links to media, publications, and organizations that support the ERA.

Download these informative documents:

ERA – A Brief History

ERA – Frequently Asked Questions

ERA – Two Routes to Ratification

ERA – Anti-ERA Arguments

ERA – New Ratifications Viable, Rescissions Invalid

ERA – Ratification by State and State ERAs Passed

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Media & Publications