ERA in the News: August 9-16, 2019

States in green are where the ERA was in the news this week!

States in green are where the ERA was in the news this week!

It's been an exciting week in New Jersey, as the Democratic congressional representatives came out in support of HJ-Res 38 which, when passed, will remove the original ERA deadline assigned to the ERA in 1977. As of today, all but one Democratic congressperson has signed on in support of the bill..

ERA support is also continuing to grow in Florida and Arizona, as individual cities and towns are making public statements promoting the ERA. In Virginia, groups are mobilizing to vote pro-ERA officials into the state house (the ERA failed to advance toward ratification in Virginia in February 2019, losing by one vote!).

Where else was the ERA in the news this week? Read the exciting news stories below!


Aug. 9 9 Women on Whether they Would Abolish the Constitution, The Cut

Aug. 10 Can millennials save Playboy?The Independent 

Aug. 10 Read Shirley Chisholm' iconic Equal Rights Amendment speech delivered on this day in 1970, Face2Face Africa 

Aug. 15 The US Government Doesn't Care About Afghan  

Aug. 15 Michael Bennet Endorses Constitutional Amendment for LGBTQ Equality,

Aug. 15 Julian Castro proposes plan to tax inheritance, provide family tax  

Aug. 16 A 'grand bargain' that secured the South for the GOP, Washington Post



Aug. 9 Democratic Women's Club of the VillagesVillages-News

Aug. 15 Let's ratify the Equal Rights AmendmentPort St. Joe Star 

Aug. 16 St. Pete City Council backs Equal Rights Amendment, Green New Deal, Florida Politics

Aug. 15 St. Pete City Council takes bold stand on Green New Deal, Equal Rights Amendment, St. Pete Catalyst 



Aug. 11 The Second Amendment no longer



Aug. 9 Letters: A tribute to shooting victims, Iowa City Press Citizen



Aug. 12 Equal rights event to be held in Roseville next week,



Aug. 9 Sills Cummis & Gross welcomes Prol as new 

Aug. 13 Payne backs ERA extension, leaving Van Drew as only NJ Dem not co-sponsoring resolution, The New Jersey Globe 

Aug. 15 A Night in Suffrage White: A Pop-Up Dinner Celebrating 99 Years of Women's Right to Vote, InsiderNJ



Aug. 9 Domestic violence in New York: How these new laws will help to protect victims, Press  Sun-Bulletin



Aug. 15 Patricia Sledge campaigns for Spencer Board of AldermenSalisbury Post



Aug. 15 'Mormon Land': The ERA is back and female members are pushing for it, with their church, Salt Lake Tribune 



Aug. 9 We need the Equal Rights Amendment, The Central Virginian

Aug. 9 Federal Judge rules Gloucester County's restroom policy violated Gavin Grimm's civil rightsMetro Weekly  

Aug. 10 Danica Roem, Trans History Maker, Fights Another Anti-LGBT Candidate, Daily Beast

Aug. 12 Anti-LGBTQ groups are funding the bigoted opponent of this trans legislatorLGBTQ Nation 

Aug. 13 Anti-LGBTQ groups are donating thousands to oust the first openly trans state legislator, AlterNet



Aug. 10 A Centennial Celebration of Suffrage: Suffragists in Seattle uphold 'proof of life'Seattle Times



David Dismore, cyclist for the ERA



Aug. 12 Equal Rights Amendment Attempts to Resurrect it 37 Years Too Late, Catholic Culture