ERA in the News: July 5-12, 2019

Green states are where the ERA was in the news!

Green states are where the ERA was in the news!

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 It was an exciting week again for equal rights as the U.S. Women's National Team took home the championship title at the Women's World Cup in Lyon France! The USWNT are currently battling U.S. Soccer for equal pay, and received a tremendous amount of support post-win on a global level. You'll see plenty of great articles on the team in the bylines below.

Please note that next week's newsletter will be sent a day early on Thursday, July 18. Dates will be adjusted around the next week so you don't miss any updates. Thanks for your understanding!

Now onto the news...


July 6 2019 Belongs to Shirley Chisholm, The New York Times

July 6 Beto O'Rourke Speaks on the Voting Power of Black Women at Essence Festival, Essence 

July 8 Is the Women's March focused on white women--or does it promote intersectional activism?, Washington Post

July 8 Sarah Paulson Will Not Star in "American Horror Story: 1984,' Variety 

July 10 Maloney: US Women's National Team Showcases Need for Equal Pay and ERA

July 11 The US Women's Soccer World Cup Win Was a Victory for Title IX & the Fight for Equal PayDemocracy Now!



July 10 Business & Professional Women Endow Centennial Scholarship, ASU News



July 8 Editorial: Gigs and garlands, Sarasota Herald-Tribune



July 5 Asian-American job seeker said she received racist email from Chicago recruiter, New York Daily News

July 6 AAUW Rockford: In 1980's, education, empowerment and expanded advocacy for womenFreeport Journal-Standard 



July 10 After boozy bake sale success, culinary locals plan more events benefitting abortion rights groupsThe Advocate



July 8 It's Time to Re-Launch ERA: Op-ed by Former WH Spokesman Robert Weiner and Policy AnalystEIN News



July 8 Nike commercial tackles equal pay and celebrates women's World Cup victoryKARE11



July 8 Ashcroft presents proclamation for centennial of Missouri ratification of 19th amendment, The Missouri Times



July 11 My View: Legal abortions, at times, can save livesPortland Tribune



July 9 Opening up to women's stories: Leonard Pitts

July 10 Long history of discriminatory newspaper ads, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



July 11 Lawmakers push to close wage gap in SCWIS10

July 11 Can You Believe it?Charleston Chronicle 



July 5 Va. senator calls rape victims 'naive' and critics 'trolls', Virginia Mercury   

July 6 With Corey Stewart leaving politics, Prince William County's future is up for grabsWashington Post

July 8 Day Before Gun Violence Prevention Special Session, Sen. Amanda Chase Spews NRABlue Virginia  



July 11 Julian Castro seeks support of Working Families Party in MilwaukeeMilwaukee Journal Sentinel


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