ERA in the News: April 27 - May 3, 2019

Green states are where the ERA was in the news this past week.

Green states are where the ERA was in the news this past week.

Last week we witnessed the first Congressional Hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years! You'll find a ton of press on the hearing under the National news section of our newsletter, but you can also watch the full hearing on C-SPAN. It is really amazing! Check it out.

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Can you believe that our first-ever ERA DAY is only 2 months away? We’d love for you to join us on June 30 as we reclaim the date that the ERA failed to ratify! The event will be held at the Alice Paul Institute in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and it will be full day of independent artisans, ERA expert speakers and celebrating the history of Equal Rights Amendment advocacy over the last 100 years. Tickets are available here

And! *We are still accepting applications for vendors for our craft and independent business fair. Apply for your spot now!*

Now onto the news


April 27 Where are the Socially Conservative Women in this Fight?, New York Times

April 29 Growing up GDP...and inequalityPolitico 

April 29 Patricia Arquette to push for ERA at hearingThe Hill

April 29 Congress should join the campaign for constitutional equalityThe Hill

April 29 House committee to hold hearing on Equal Rights Amendment, CBS News 

April 30 Actress Patricia Arquette on why she's fighting for ERA ratificationYahoo News

April 30 The Equal Rights Amendment: What You Need to KnowKQED

April 30 Congress holds first Equal Rights Amendment hearing in 36 years amid ratification pushThe Hill

April 30 American Women Don't Have Equal Rights. Congress is Finally Addressing That, Refinery29

April 30 Alyssa Milano, Patricia Arquette boost Equal Rights Amendment on the HillRoll Call

April 30 The Equal Rights Amendment Inches Forward: a 100-Year Fight for Gender Equality, Sojourners

April 30 Will Biden's third try be the charm?Washington Blade

April 30 Republicans want to make sex discrimination legal--and they're moving fastSalon

April 30 Decades long fight on women's rights still on before US lawmakersDevdiscourse  

April 30 Patricia Arquette Pushes for Women's Rights in Washington D.C., Just Jared  

May 1 Republicans Want to Make a Debate Over Discrimination into an Abortion Battle, Vice

May 2 Alyssa Milano comments on Equal Rights Amendment hearing in new video, Fox News  

May 2 Decades-old fight for women's equal rights goes before US lawmakersSight Magazine

May 2 House Holds First Congressional Hearing on Equal Rights Amendment in 35 yearsDemocracy Now!

May 2 The ERA- Rising from the DeadWomen's eNews



April 28 Out and AboutEastern Arizona Courier 



April 28 Congress returns to confront impeachment, infrastructure and moreSFGate 



April 27 Politicians try to hold back time, and fail to do soHerald-Mail Media



May 1 She's still fighting for equal rights for womenCrain's Chicago Business



April 27 Alice Paul shelter project moving closer to realityIndiana Gazette



April 26 Can a Long-shot Bill Do It Again?, The Advocate

April 27 Lawmakers Find Louisiana Alternative to Affordable Care Might Not Be Affordable, Washington Free Beacon 

April 29 New Orleans 'Fair Share' sports betting, equal rights up for critical votesWDSU New Orleans

May 2 Protections in the Equal Rights Amendment are still 



April 29 Cardin, Colleagues and Stars Urge Passage of Equal Rights AmendmentJosh Kurtz



May 3 Congressional Reps and Activists Call for Ratification of ERALansing Star



April 30 MNSU alumna and author talks women's inequityMSU Reporter



April 27 Revisiting the ERA with One State to Go, The Ledger



April 26 In Carson City, Beto O'Rourke says restore belief all are created equal, North Nevada Business View

April 30 Spearman testifies to congressional panel on ERA, Nevada Current



April 26 North Dakota women left their mark on historic, federally funded conference in 1977, West Fargo Pioneer



May 1 Alyssa Milano, Patricia Arquette boost Equal Rights Amendment on the Hill, Austin Statesman



April 29 Lawyer from Remington running for Va. HouseFauquier Now

May 1 Milano celebrates first House ERA hearing in over 30 years, Norfolk Daily News



April 28 OPINION: Equal Rights Amendment past its expiration

May 1 SCHLAFLY OPINION: ERA Dresses Up With No Place to GoTownHall  

May 1 The Equal Rights Amendment is Deader than Marley's GhostNational Review 

May 3 The Equal Rights Amendment Would Be Just as Destructive Now as in the 1980sThe Federalist 

May 2 The Word Women Not in Constitution, Just Like MenNewsmax

May 2 Alyssa Milano Claims She Doesn't Have Equal Rights Under the ConstitutionThe MIX


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